There are a number of reasons why your dog may enjoy home boarding in our home.

We would like to think that our home offers a home from home and a similar environment for your dog. Hopefully there is plenty going on here to offset any sense of loss your pet may feel when separated from you.

It’s a warm and comfortable place and it will hopefully become a familiar home for your dog with all the creature comforts.

It can offer peace and quiet. Despite the fact some dogs like to make a lot of noise they do enjoy quiet time too. The Country Dog Hotel appreciates that dogs sometimes need their own space and there is plenty of room for this.

Dogs are creatures of habit and they do love routine. As all our guests are treated as individuals we can tailor your needs. For example, your dog may be fed at a certain time, may have certain training regimes and have walks at certain times.

Dogs in general are social animals and can struggle in environments that don’t emulate their own home. They can become anxious, lonely and depressed so being in our home where they can interact with us and our dogs could really help.

Dogs like to let off steam and have good walks and off lead (as long as we have your permission)

Being in our home can help your pet to stay healthy and decrease the risks of disease and parasites which they could be more susceptible to in an area with a lot of dogs.

Dogs like to be happy and enjoy individual attention and living in the moment. They have more chance of this if they feel settled and have individual attention.

It’s not just our guests who can separation anxiety but a lot of you do too! Most owners miss their dogs as much as they miss you. We can be contacted 24 hours a day and love sending daily pictures and videos of how your dog is getting on.

We hope we can also give you peace of mind so you can go away and not have to worry. You may be off on holiday, going to Crufts, going to rescue another dog at one of the national dog rescues such as The RSPCA, The National Animal Welfare Trust, Dogs Trust or The Blue Cross or maybe a rescue in the Somerset area such as Dogs 4 Adoption offers a great rehoming service to hundreds of dogs and cats every year), going on holiday, attending a non-dog friendly event or for any reason for that matter.