So, you searched for “ Dog Kennels near me ” or “ Dog Kennels Somerset ” and you came across a dog hotel. I’m sorry, a dog hotel? Yes, that’s right a hotel for dogs. Somewhere where your dogs can stay while you are away and stay in a relaxed environment.

What is a Dog Hotel?

The main difference with The Country Dog Hotel and a dog kennels is our guests get to live in our home as if they were our own dogs. There are no kennels to get put in at night and no heating worries as they stay in our home. They are welcome to roam anywhere and do what they do at home. And all of this without the worry of being put in a dog kennel.

We are only 5 to 10 minutes from Taunton and Bridgwater which provides excellent access for our clients. However, we are also far enough out of town and have a wonderful 5 acres of private land for us all to go walking in. Having our own land enables you to relax in the knowledge your dogs are being cared for in a safe environment.

What’s even better is there are only a maximum of 8 dogs that stay at the dog hotel at any one time. This enables us to spend more time with your dog and ensure they are having a great stay. Our clients have advised on many occasions they think their dog would rather stay with us. To be honest this is no different from us visiting a lovely hotel and not wanting to go home. Or it may be to do with our homemade dog biscuits!!

Rather than conventional dog kennels we believe we offer the most amazing service for our guests with professionally trained experienced staff.

If you’re looking for dog kennels near me in Somerset, then look no further than our Dog Hotel. Feel free to contact us to find out more.